Saying Too Much

June 19, 2012

As erotica writers it is incumbent upon us to present ourselves and our work with the highest professional quality – as I relearned by crossing the line last weekend.

As a person who gains such gratification in writing it may (or may not) come as some surprise for you to know that I can be a man of few words. No, that effortless charm that may come from knowing precisely what to say and when to say it is not one that comes to me with any consistency. For most part I am more minded to keep schtum – observing, listening, trying to maintain good eye contact – until I have something I think is of genuine worth to say. In the absence of any gift of the gab this can take some time, but this is a facet of my personality with which I have grown more and more confident over time. Smiles and laughter of genuine warmth or careful flirtation, thoughtful eyes and paying attention are the skills I’ve learned to develop by way of compensation. Yet I am, as much as any one, fallible and on occasions prone to over exuberant bursts of verbal hubris. Read the rest of this entry »