Morning Heat

August 21, 2012

Hot couple waking in bed

Hi there, I’m having a little flurry of writing and recent creative inspiration at the moment. Continuing on from my new erotic poem ‘Brook’ posted earlier today this short story is a reworking of a previous work which I am able to post here for the first time. This is a highly erotically charged scene that revels in what can be one of the most delicious of intimate sexual experience – waking up to hot morning sex! I’ve tried to convey both tenderness and lascivious passion in a story that hinges around wonderfully sleepy closeness that comes from spooning sex. Sweet and hot! 😉

Please be aware that the material posted here is intended for an ADULT Readership and contains some graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting adult characters as well as some strong language. By continuing to read you are stating that you are over the legal age of consent to read explicit material in the state you are viewing this page from. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some States/Countries) or are easily offended by strong language and scenes of a sexual nature then you should EXIT this page.

Morning After

The bedroom had a hot clammy sticky air as I hazily opened my eyes. The heating had come on early that morning & the frosty February chill of the night before had clearly eased during the passage of night.  With bed sheets kicked down so far as to barely cover knees I twisted onto my side, my arm falling across the upturned hip of the soft, petite, naked woman’s body stretched out in front of me.

Talia – one of the most lively, bright, cheeky and libidinous girls I’ve ever met.  Her skin was radiating heat, soft and ever so slightly slicked with the perspiration of earlier exertions.  The scent of sex was in the air, a sweet musky remnant of our night before.   Read the rest of this entry »