Today’s is a poem about feelings surrounding loss and the frustration at not being able to let go.  I first wrote this as a kind of sketch of thoughts I was wrestling with almost a year ago – a kind of exercise in exorcism  – and having given voice to the frustrations I left it at that.  Like so many things done in a moment of raw emotion it is only when returning to them later that you begin to see something more in the work.  So I’ve given it a little edit just try and improve the cadence.

Lost Love Is A Duplicitous Thing

I am so tired of thinking of you,

In that way that colours,

Every possibility,

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This short piece of romantic poetry came from a pretty familiar place – lingering desires and care for a past lover. For me I think the title also offers up another interpretation – that of the fantasy we can create around a person. In the simplest terms possible the ‘once upon a time’ motif… oh jeez you’re not idiots. I think you get the idea…

The heiress I cannot forget - I'll always care for you Miss Laine.
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August 21, 2012

A new piece of erotic poetry today. My aim with this piece was to convey desire and passion for a dark seductive femme fatale through the imagery of a meandering brook using the natural features as metaphors for the eroticism. Hope you all enjoy it. Read the rest of this entry »

Woman Of Power

May 6, 2012

Woman Of Power

Welcome back to my erotic blog. I’m starting a new chapter of writing here this summer with more discussion of erotica as an art form and attitudes and issues to do with sex in our society. But to get things going again here is a new piece of erotic poetry. It’s still something of a ‘sketch’ idea for now and I know I will revisit it over time as it is a subject that goes to the core of my own sexual needs and desires. ‘Woman Of Power’ is an ode to indelible attraction I have to the strength of mind, will and determination to be the absolute best in a woman’s character and how her sexuality and potency is bound up within that power. We are all a combination of strength and weakness, whether we like it or not. In a way, sex is a part of our adult lives where that is played out explicitly.

Please be aware that the material posted in this blog is intended for an ADULT Readership and may contain some graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting adult characters as well as some strong language. By continuing to read you are stating that you are over the legal age of consent to read explicit material in the state you are viewing this page from. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some States/Countries) or are easily offended by strong language and scenes of a sexual nature then you should EXIT this page. Read the rest of this entry »

The Kiss, sculpture by Auguste Rodin

A new Valentine’s poem. Inspired by my heart’s desire, of love, care, admiration and lust, I have looked to draw on a combination of different classical imagery and cultural reverence, referencing different, yet beautiful, artistic forms. Auguste Rodin’s exquisite sculpture ‘The Kiss’ takes its form in capturing the passion of two lover’s embrace. The reverence in Māori culture of the islands of New Zealand for the precious greenstone which they call Pounamu (also known as jade in China) is representative here of the reverence for a lover. In ancient Egyptian culture Nefertari was a principle wife and queen of the pharaoh Ramesses the Great and the name itself means ‘Beautiful Companion’. Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone. Today’s piece of writing was prompted by a quote posted on twitter, “Men know nothing of their hearts; be them 6 and 20, or 6 and 80.”


As an occasionally romantic man I felt a little aggrieved, though not really surprised by this statement. You see men clearly do know a great deal of hearts at times, as Keats, Shelley and Wilde, amongst others, have given great testament to. The trouble for most men may not in fact be a lack of awareness of their hearts but the faculty to express that awareness with coherent language to whomever their heart is given over (incidentally, I have known one or two women who seemed to find this a problem on occasion although most are admittedly better at it).

It was from this that I began to think very hard. This thinking was keeping me awake. What do I know of my heart? There was nothing for it but to write and so write I did. Nothing I could write of my heart would be in the Keats/Shelley/Wilde league but I have at least attempted to express what I know of it. This poem follows no rules, just thoughts and feelings. Read the rest of this entry »

No Love Protection

October 26, 2011

Firstly an apology, it’s been a while since I have updated this blog and high time I started tending to it more regularly. Thank you to everyone who has been reading & commenting on my stories, poems & viewing my Sinful Sunday photos in my absence.

Man kisses sleeping woman's forehead - protection

For today’s piece of new writing I’ve been working over a theme which has occupied my thoughts a great deal over the past month: protection from love. More specifically the way our past experiences of heartbreak can lead us to shy away from readily allowing ourselves to love again, to protect ourselves from the chance of similar pain. When desire takes hold of us and starts to form feelings of such power they can wrest control from us, do we push them away to save ourselves or do we let ourselves fall? As with most things it may depend on timing and personal circumstance. Are we ready? Is my life at a place of readiness for this? I don’t know the answer. But I hope this piece of writing sheds light on some of my experience, my point of view and my hopes. There is no erotic content in this poem so no age limit or content warning applies. Read the rest of this entry »

Heartfelt Ineptitude

August 8, 2011

Blue Rhapsody by mysza831 on Flickr.

Something different from me today as I step away from the usual erotic themes to muse on the wondrous foibles and fantastic floundering that we can be prone to. I feel fairly justified in taking this as a subject matter alongside erotica as, after all, erotic moments and sex have there founding in relationships whether they be long term partnerships or fleeting encounters. The piece I’ve written for today is in part a confessional, part exorcism as I attempt to expunge some wrangling thoughts over fumbled communication with a sometime lover. It is not erotic or graphic but does concern adult themes.

I came across a quote a couple of days ago, by the mid-twentieth century American novelist John Barth, with which I really identified:

“In art as in lovemaking, heartfelt ineptitude has its appeal and so does heartless skill, but what you want is passionate virtuosity.”

I think that statement could be extended throughout a lot of things in life beyond art & lovemaking (although they are surely the best things in life). But this short poem is not about heartless skill nor passionate virtuosity. This is my heartfelt ineptitude… Read the rest of this entry »


June 22, 2011

Woman and man about to kiss

Today’s piece is an erotically tinged poem and while not explicit it does involve some sexual imagery, although to be honest no more than you might find in the love poetry of John Donne (I’m not comparing my work to his by the way!). The intention is to be suggestive rather than overt. I should make younger readers and those easily offended aware that much of my other writing on this blog may not be suitable for them and each piece has a warning appropriate to it’s content. Read the rest of this entry »

Valentine's RoseSomething a little different for St. Valentine’s Day, this is an erotically tinged poem replete with lusty explicit imagery. I rarely attempt write poetry so I would love to hear your feedback on this one. To all sensual singles and lusty lovers, a sexy St. Valentine’s to you all, may you all cum in multiples and scream “I LOVE YOU!” Read the rest of this entry »