Worn With Grace

May 27, 2013

Worn With Grace

A wanton smile,

A simple covering of lace,

A veil behind which,

Potent passions may be chased.

Barely covering,

All bared on face.

An intimate touch,

Salacious smile worn with grace.



Pulling Close

August 29, 2012

Man pulling woman close in ecstasy

This is simple yet highly charged erotic piece today which in form falls somewhere between poetry and prose. I say this because I’ve allowed the rhythm and cadence of the writing to change throughout as I focused on descriptions of the sight and sensations experienced. It is essentially autobiographical, in that it describes one of my own sexual experiences that began with frustration on both sides, but through a combination fast acting on desire and an expression of strength and tenderness turned into an incredibly potent erotic event.

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