A return to poetry – This Perfect Madness

May 20, 2013

After plenty of time away I feel compelled to return to writing some poetry again.  It is hard to say what has prevented me from exploring this personal outlet for so long.  Perhaps it is just a reflection of a person’s changing needs and desires.  But some things, some people, experiences, moments, will always mark in a way that pulls one back to them.

Simply put this poem is an expression of such desire, a person, moments that created such a mark on me.

This Perfect Madness

When the brightest eyes of crystal hues,

And that wanton smile of mischief haunts my dreams,

Only then this fullest present passion awakens,

To raise the morning’s fire.


A searching finger’s touch to cheek,

Traces slow, from neck to blushing breast.

Hips so fall in serpent’s time,

Here beckon sips of sin to burn all senses.


Flesh bound pleasures to linger in the mind.

Wonder’s taste imagined, so inspired.

Presented quickness of tongue,

Fulfilling needs so tremble to a crimson cry.


Claw into me in a moment’s love!

Dig deeper than a heart can bear.

Burn those eyes of crystal hues,

So mark all memories with this perfect madness.



2 Responses to “A return to poetry – This Perfect Madness”

  1. luv2sex.info Says:

    Erotic verses and the matching image here is enough for me to feel like having sex now !

  2. jonathanvaje Says:

    Thank you, I reckon that’s fine praise for sure!

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