Pulling Close

August 29, 2012

Man pulling woman close in ecstasy

This is simple yet highly charged erotic piece today which in form falls somewhere between poetry and prose. I say this because I’ve allowed the rhythm and cadence of the writing to change throughout as I focused on descriptions of the sight and sensations experienced. It is essentially autobiographical, in that it describes one of my own sexual experiences that began with frustration on both sides, but through a combination fast acting on desire and an expression of strength and tenderness turned into an incredibly potent erotic event.

Please be aware that the material posted here is intended for an ADULT Readership and contains some graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting adult characters as well as some strong language. By continuing to read you are stating that you are over the legal age of consent to read explicit material in the state you are viewing this page from. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some States/Countries) or are easily offended by strong language and scenes of a sexual nature then you should EXIT this page.

Man pulling woman close in ecstasy

Pulling Close

Frustrated she rose from the lavender satin.
No point to my presence it seemed.
In the half light of night,
Her naked body grew upright before me.
She was leaving.
This was done.

First seated,
Turned away,
Back arched slenderly,
Right leg folded ‘neath bum cheek.
Oh that delectable form!
And now I want her ravenously.

Placing hand on bed she rises further.
Her back to me in glorious sweeping shadowed figure.
A sigh of disappointment lifts then gently lowers,
Her shoulders, ribs and the outline of her breasts.
My hand is moving,
Now reaching out in need.

My arms slip, one around her shoulder,
One around her waist.
The smooth heat of her skin radiates through my open palms,
Burning into my outstretched fingertips,
As my lips meet the supine curve where neck blends to shoulder.
“Don’t go” – my body whispers.

Pulling close,
I cup her breast,
Slide fingers to her tensing thighs.
With broken gasp,
She softens to my grasp,
And my pressing need takes hold of her.

Lips caress with tenderness to bare taut flesh.
Bodies writhe in the caging of this tight embrace.
Through soft swelling folds my digits seek,
And find their mark with a moan so clear.
Her hot wanton wetness brought forth so quick.
Sensation sweetly moistened by this sudden thrill.

Tightly swirling and deftly sweeping,
Around and over prominent peak.
Her gasps are rising higher,
Her body lithe, twitching, tingling, burning!
Oh, oh, let me feel it pass from my fingers through your sex,
Through your body to your mind and back to me in sweetest sigh!

She comes,
In a crescendo of shuddering pulsating movement and sweat,
And cries that make my ears ring with beautiful satisfaction.
Pulling close, I hold her,
Stroke her plastered hair and kiss her.
Pulling close, pulling close, I hold her.


2 Responses to “Pulling Close”

  1. Mina Lamieux Says:

    This is exquisite! I loved everything about it. The words and the movement of the words. Lovely and sensual! Thank you.

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