Morning Heat

August 21, 2012

Hot couple waking in bed

Hi there, I’m having a little flurry of writing and recent creative inspiration at the moment. Continuing on from my new erotic poem ‘Brook’ posted earlier today this short story is a reworking of a previous work which I am able to post here for the first time. This is a highly erotically charged scene that revels in what can be one of the most delicious of intimate sexual experience – waking up to hot morning sex! I’ve tried to convey both tenderness and lascivious passion in a story that hinges around wonderfully sleepy closeness that comes from spooning sex. Sweet and hot! 😉

Please be aware that the material posted here is intended for an ADULT Readership and contains some graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting adult characters as well as some strong language. By continuing to read you are stating that you are over the legal age of consent to read explicit material in the state you are viewing this page from. If you are under 18 (or 21 in some States/Countries) or are easily offended by strong language and scenes of a sexual nature then you should EXIT this page.

Morning After

The bedroom had a hot clammy sticky air as I hazily opened my eyes. The heating had come on early that morning & the frosty February chill of the night before had clearly eased during the passage of night.  With bed sheets kicked down so far as to barely cover knees I twisted onto my side, my arm falling across the upturned hip of the soft, petite, naked woman’s body stretched out in front of me.

Talia – one of the most lively, bright, cheeky and libidinous girls I’ve ever met.  Her skin was radiating heat, soft and ever so slightly slicked with the perspiration of earlier exertions.  The scent of sex was in the air, a sweet musky remnant of our night before.  

We’d met up at one of the city’s newest and liveliest bars and she’d captivated me more than even on the other few brief occasions.  As if her high-cheeked, pouty, cherub-like features with mesmerising crystal blue eyes, pale skin contrasted by her raven-esque brunette hair were not entrancing enough, the energy and expression in her short slender figure and limbs were as intoxicating as a pitcher full of bourbon cocktail.  At around two in the morning she’d grabbed her best friend Nicole and lavishly snogged her on the dance floor.  With wide excited eyes on them all around Tamara had then turned to me & reached out for my hand with a cheeky smile.

“Dance with me.” had been the sure request.

Or was it an instruction?   Talia was generally one to go all out to get what she wanted.  Now here I was opening my eyes to see the gentle arching curves of her body from her shoulder, along the upturned side of her back and the sweet and firm peach form of her bottom, all coming into focus.  I deeply inhaled the scent of her, a hint of perfume mingling with the scent of sweat from the heat of the room & our earlier escapades.  I was instantly hard.  Her body shifted slightly in restless sleep, perhaps stirred by the stifling warmth around us.  I ran the tip of my finger along her skin from her hip to the little hollow in her back just above the crevice of her bum cheeks.  I felt the light fur of the tiny, almost translucent hairs that covered that place, before drawing my finger slowly up the length of her spine to between her shoulder blades.  With the faintest of touch my finger tips softly swept over her back in sweeping, curving, stroking motion, winding gently along, up, down & back & forth.

“Mmm… That feels lush!” came the sleepy acknowledgement and approval.

I didn’t say a word, or even make a sound, but kept tracing feather-light patterns weaving over her skin.  Exploring her body further, my fingers brushed over the back of her neck, teasing into her hairline, then over her shoulder & along her slender arm.  Back up my fingers swept and down her back to curve around the soft flesh of her bum, then up over her hip and around the front of her body.  Talia murmured softly.  I inched myself closer to her.  My hand slipped over her stomach and up to her small pert breasts.  The round puffy peaks of her nipples protruded erect and brought a gasp as my finger brushed over them.  I shuffled out my free hand from under my body and began to stroke her back with that as I rolled her nipples between my finger and thumb.

Talia stretched her arm out behind her body to brush her fingers blindly over mine as my hand moved from her breasts, over her neck and to her lips.  The back of her hand slid over my abdomen & down as I pushed my fingers into her warm wet mouth.  I felt the vibrations of a little squeak of delight as she sucked my fingers when the back of her hand brushed against the throbbing form of my now rock hard cock.  She searched for my hip and, grasping it, she pulled me closer as she simultaneously pushed her back and bottom against me.  Our bodies molded to each other’s form and my engorged shaft, hot with vigourously pumping blood, pressed firmly into the tender flesh of her buttocks.

My fingers slipped from her mouth and moved back to her breasts, circling each swollen nipple with saliva moistened touch.  I grasped the lower of her shoulders with my other hand as the one around her body slid over her oh so beautiful trained dancer’s stomach to the top of her thighs.  As my hand reached them she parted her legs.  The tips of my fingers brushed the tops of her thighs and then the plump flesh of her outer labia.  Talia gasped and twisted her body as my finger slid along her tight slit and probed between her small inner lips.  Her buttocks rubbed rhythmically on my member as I softly circled her clit with my finger.

Then I felt her hand pushing between where our bodies pressed together, clawing inch by inch with insistent fingertips along the narrow cavern formed by the arching small of her back and my navel – their crawl through softly curling hairs to my hyper-stimulated loins determined and wanton.  I twitched as her fingers curled around my shaft.  I was so throbbing hard now I could feel my member pulsing in her grasp.  My fingers continued their dance of tender circles and light-footed sweeps over her swollen clit as she slowly wanked me, while the fingers of my free hand running through her satin soft hair against the back of her head while I planted a wandering pattern of delicate kisses on her shoulders and neck.  Minutes passed as we continued masturbating each other with nothing more than gentle yet visceral moans passing our lips.

Quietly, determinedly, wantonly, Talia said, “I want your cock in me.”

She reached out to the bedside drawer and rummaged around for a condom.  Finding one she carefully tore open the packet and then turned to face me.  I was the first time I’d looked at her face that morning.  There was a glazed, hungry look in her eyes.  Instinctively my hand cupped her cheek and I kissed her full lips, slightly cracked and dry from the morning.  I found the sensation warming, natural, so sexy.  She stroked her fingers over my balls, then up from the base and along my shaft.  Then she bit her lip seductively as she place the condom over the swollen head of my cock and slowly rolled it down.

She rolled back over to face away from me as before and I place my hand under the back of her knee, lifting her top leg as she guided me into her pussy.  The sensation was delectable, hot moist flesh sliding hard against the underside of my cock with the angle of entry curving me up inside her.  I dropped her leg down once I was fully inside, tightening the grip she had on me as we twisted and ground with our bodies melded together.  It was a slow, but deeply intense fuck, grasping, grinding, gyrating, sliding in time with each other.  As the pressure built between us Talia grabbed my hand and guided it over her clit once more.  Holding her hand over mine she guided my movements over her bud as we fucked, her moaning and panting getting heavier, louder.  I could feel the heat rising within her, transferring directly from her body to mine as we pressed together.  I felt the prickling tingling heat building up in me.  Then her body arched, I felt her stomach tighten under my arm, then her whole body pulsed and shuddered within my encompassing grasp. She let out the softest, gentlest moans of ecstasy as I felt my own tingling heat rise like a crescendo through my thighs and my loins, my balls tightening just before my own shuddering convulsions took hold of me, my cock pulsing in spasm within her flooding sex.

This was the first time I had truly experienced coming together.  It was intensely intimate and utterly wonderful.  I felt I would want her always and to explore the extremes of pleasure and excitement with her.  I wanted to know her mind and have her, to share in a wealth of new experiences.  As “Morning after’s” go this one had been pretty special and yet like I knew that a woman who burned so brightly would not be mine to hold.  In stead I would long cherish the moment and the memories.


I hope you enjoyed this story. Whether you did or not, or if you have any questions I very much appreciate any comments. And please feel free to read through my other erotic stories and poems on this blog.


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