August 21, 2012

A new piece of erotic poetry today. My aim with this piece was to convey desire and passion for a dark seductive femme fatale through the imagery of a meandering brook using the natural features as metaphors for the eroticism. Hope you all enjoy it.


From darkness shrouded in the depth of forests came,
With the force of all the season’s rains,
She who lit each dawning of my day.
Dancing down,
So seductively down,
Oh Brook bring forth my thirsting appetites.

From her crystal blue I swear she makes her eyes at me,
Smiling cool with wicked mischief,
She with the majesty of the mountain where she seeded,
She with the power of the seas she will feed.
Moistened tips trace gently paths meandering,
Brook’s mouth gasp open to the waves.

Oh let my fingers brush through grasses at her banks!
Let me drink from her flowing waters.
Let me immerse myself completely,
Completely within,
The wondrous shimmering Brook
Oh I’ll sink my desires.

Desires formed as wishes bestowed upon a sunken coin,
Offerings made to the Goddess Kolyada
Bring me life renewed in passion,
Brook so fine, so laced with beauty,
Come flow to me, for me and with me,
Come flood to ecstasy.


3 Responses to “Brook”

  1. […] creative inspiration at the moment. Continuing on from my new erotic poem ‘Brook’ posted earlier today this short story is a reworking of a previous work which I am able to post here for the first time. […]

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