What this man knows of his heart

December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone. Today’s piece of writing was prompted by a quote posted on twitter, “Men know nothing of their hearts; be them 6 and 20, or 6 and 80.”


As an occasionally romantic man I felt a little aggrieved, though not really surprised by this statement. You see men clearly do know a great deal of hearts at times, as Keats, Shelley and Wilde, amongst others, have given great testament to. The trouble for most men may not in fact be a lack of awareness of their hearts but the faculty to express that awareness with coherent language to whomever their heart is given over (incidentally, I have known one or two women who seemed to find this a problem on occasion although most are admittedly better at it).

It was from this that I began to think very hard. This thinking was keeping me awake. What do I know of my heart? There was nothing for it but to write and so write I did. Nothing I could write of my heart would be in the Keats/Shelley/Wilde league but I have at least attempted to express what I know of it. This poem follows no rules, just thoughts and feelings.

What This Man Knows Of His Heart

I know that it warms when it hears a friend’s voice,
I know it can easily lose it’s way,
I know that it drives me and it can stop me dead,
It stops me dead in my tracks.
I know that it beats twice for every love lost,
I know it always wants ten-fold for that which it cannot have.
I know that it feeds and that it must be fed,
I know it gives out and I know it withdraws,
I know it can twist and tear and fill my veins with metal so cold,
And empty me to a void or fill me with caring and lust,
All this in equal measure.
I know it illuminates yet can shroud my view in fog,
I know that it is foolish.
Yet each and every choice it makes is true to me,
They are true to me and those it is given to.
I know it can radiate with the fire of a thousand suns,
For love.
I am a man who knows this of my heart.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, full of love and healthy, exciting erotic adventure. I look forward to writing more in the the coming year.


4 Responses to “What this man knows of his heart”

  1. JillyBoyd Says:

    No words, other than that it’s so beautiful. I look forward to a possible collaboration in the new year 🙂

  2. KaziGrrl Says:

    Beautiful words… I do think many men are not used to expressing what they feel, not that they don’t know or don’t feel. It’s a gender role thing, I believe.

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Gemma Parkes Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. All the great love songs are written by men. In my experience men are more romantic than women. Some are just not able to express this emotion as eloquently as others

    • jonathanvaje Says:

      Actually I’ve got a bit of a “thing” for female singer-songwriters as well! But I understand your point, men can often be more impulsive and make decisions ruled by their hearts more often than they are thought to.

      Thank you again for your lovely comments.

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