June 22, 2011

Woman and man about to kiss

Today’s piece is an erotically tinged poem and while not explicit it does involve some sexual imagery, although to be honest no more than you might find in the love poetry of John Donne (I’m not comparing my work to his by the way!). The intention is to be suggestive rather than overt. I should make younger readers and those easily offended aware that much of my other writing on this blog may not be suitable for them and each piece has a warning appropriate to it’s content.

This poem – written for the weekly erotic writing festival cheekily known as Wank Wednesday and hosted by Ruby Kiddell of the – is an expression lust and passion in a couple coming together, inspired by this week’s prompt of ‘Conference’. I have given it the same title. You can enter yourself and read all the other wonderful submissions by clicking on the Wank Wednesday logo at the bottom of the page.


We meet, we touch, we take hold and confer,
A coming together of each and all parts of us,
A meeting of minds, an exchange of… Everything.
We meet, we touch, we take hold and confer.

Your brass bold assertions take hold in my whole,
As you want and I want, each debating in lust.
As Ptolemy’s Almagest I map stars round the world of You.
Your hills and your valleys and rivers, my whole.

Hold and take note!
Hold, do not speak!
Make war in this love,
Battle just to give in.
Give all that’s within,
Give all and take all.

This communion,
This conference,
When we meet, touch and hold,
Salt droplets will trickle,
As the grasping comes hard,
The breath heating cheeks,
Eyes glaze, eyes glaze.

Fingers entwine, pressed hard to the wall,
In coming together through each and all parts of us,
In pulsing and throbbing, in spasm, in everything,
Cry out and shudder and hold ’til the fall.

by J Vaje


One Response to “Conference”

  1. thank you for sharing and I look forward to more poems from you.

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