Jeans Coming Down? – A pic for Sinful Sunday

May 15, 2011

Please be aware that the material here is intended for an ADULT READERSHIP. If you are under 18 or are offended by explicit sexual material then you can leave this page.

Still here? Glad to hear it! I’ve been feeling personally a little bit daring today so I’ve had another go at producing some mildly erotic photography for Sinful Sunday – a deliciously naughty bit of fun brought to the world each week by the devilishly delectable Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss. The name of the game is to have a go at creating some erotic or sensual photography.

Sinful Sunday

I hope you enjoy this sneaky peak inside my jeans and remember it’s just for fun so hopefully you don’t think I’m too full of it!

Jeans Coming Down

A sneaky peak in my jeans for Sinful Sunday

7 Responses to “Jeans Coming Down? – A pic for Sinful Sunday”

  1. DDD Says:

    That’s squirm me sexy. Sometimes just a tease is soooo much more than naked.

  2. Molly Says:

    Oh YES!!!! My absolute favourite, fly button jeans, so damn growly sexy. There is something so erotic about unbutton the flybutton that just the thought of it makes me instantly wet…..


  3. slave alisha Says:

    (swallows hard…) um yes… very sexy…

  4. Great camera angle. Next week, the worshipful view?

  5. Absolutely beautiful! What’s the coloring? Calico or full Fire? Yum. #perving

  6. KaziGrrl Says:

    Mmmmmm… delicious!! 😉

  7. Catharine Says:

    Wonderful view

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